Esther Zoller

Esther Zoller studied Human Movement Sciences with a focus on Biomechanics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. During her master studies, she spent a year at the Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) in Calgary, Canada, where she studied the influence of compression apparel on muscle activity and tissue vibrations during running. After returning to Switzerland, she joined the Sensory-Motor-Systems (SMS) Lab at the ETH Zurich for an internship working on error detection and correction of robotic assistance of an upper extremity exoskeleton. After completing her teaching diploma in Sports, she joined the Bio-Inspired RObots for MEDicine (BIROMED) Lab at the University of Basel in August 2016, where she’s working as a PhD student focusing on the development of a teleoperation system for a robotic endoscope.