Timo Zillig

Timo Zillig has started his career with a designer apprenticeship at Ascom AG and Schaerer Mayfield AG in Bern. Afterwards, he finished his study in mechanical engineering in Basel. During these times, he held various positions (Product Development Engineer, Project Manager and Sales Specialist) in various companies such as Stryker Inc., Synthes Inc. and Medtronic Inc. For Stryker and Synthes he was working in the Product Development Center of Europe for CMF applications, especially to develop and to setup processes (Design, Manufacturing, Quality, RA etc.) for patient specific implants.

At Medtronic he was responsible to sell electro surgical, vessel sealing and investment products, gain new customers and to support surgeons during the surgeries. Extra occupational he studied economics and wrote a thesis for “fleet management of investment goods for hospitals” which became a product of Medtronic Inc. In January 2016 he joined the MIRACLE Project as part of the Smart implants group.

The most important milestones in his career were the following projects:

2013 - 2015: By analyzing the market and a strategic approach he increased his sales growth by 41% for the LigaSure product (general, gynecology, urology, orthopedic, ENT and heart surgery) in the region of Zurich, Aargau and Solothurn

2010 - 2011: project management and successful market launch (international) by ProPlan CMF service

2009 - 2012: project management, development and successful market launch (Europe) of patient specific mandibular plates made of titanium

2009 - 2010: part-project management of production transfer from West Chester, PA (USA) to Mezzovico, TI (Switzerland)

2007 - 2011: successful market introduction (EMEA) of patient Specific implants (CMF surgery) made of PEEK and titanium