DBE presented its research to the governments of Baselland and and Jura

Since 2015, the Department of Biomedical Engineering is located in the Swiss Innovation Park Basel Area in Allschwil. On October 18, 2016, the Innovation Park welcomed all members of the governments of the cantons of Baselland and Jura given that these two cantons crucially support the Innovation Park. Members of the DBE have also been invited to present the research in Biomedical Engineering. They underlined that the research at DBE follows the strategic approach from bench to bedside and thus will lead to further spin-off companies.
The dialogue between politicians and researchers has been very positive and many members of the governments made use of the possibility to test the Virtual Reality SpectoVive system which is a first outcome of the MIRACLE project funded by the Werner Siemens Stiftung. The goal of the project is to develop a “Minimally Invasive Robot-Assisted Computer-guided LaserosteotomE” (MIRACLE).