Diagnostics, Prevention & Therapy of Disease Related Gait & Movement Patterns

The important task in collaboration with the therapy services in the coming years is to establish the diagnostics based on movement analysis. Understanding biomechanical factors as risk factors or osteoarthritis is a critical component in prevention and therapy. We combine novel portable inertial sensor systems with gold-standard camera based motion analysis to identify factors relevant for injury and disease mechanisms and treatment. More recently, we have initiated research on the effects of manual therapy on ambulatory mechanics. Our current clinical projects include:

  • Trunk Muscle Strength, Strength Endurance and Activity in Persons With Low Back Pain
  • The Effect of Corrective Osteotomy on in Vivo Cartilage Mechanobiology in Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Gait Asymmetry Assessed Using Portable Gait Analysis System
  • Muscle function and dynamic and postural stability in patients receiving hip or knee arthroplasty
  • Gait Analysis During Level and Uphill Walking After Lengthening Osteotomy of the Lateral Column
  • Surgical Versus Conservative Treatment of Weber B1 Fracture: Functional Outcome Using Gait Analysis

Prof. Dr. Mündermann

Dr. Corina Nüesch

PD Dr. Monika Horisberger

PD Dr. Andreas Müller

Dr. Franziska Saxer

Dr. Christian Egloff

PD Dr. Martin Clauss

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schären

Dr. Cordula Netzer

Dr. Werner Vach

Dr. Stefan Loske

Dr. Petros Ismailidis

Dr. Philippe Krenn

Anna Schmid

Mara Kaufmann

Natacha Bürgin

Vasco Iten

Arik Musagara



PD Dr. Geert Pagenstert (Praxis Clarahof, Basel, Switzerland)

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Elke (OrthoMerian, Basel, Switzerland)

PD Dr. Dr. Andre Leumann (Orthopraxis Leumann, Basel, Switzerland)

Dr. Andreas Beck (Altius, Rheinfelden, Switzerland)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ilchmann (Klinik Birshof, Hirslanden, Switzerland)

3D gait analysis




Instrumented treadmill

Balance platform

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A complete list of our publications can be found on Pubmed.