In Vivo Mechanosensitivity of Musculoskeletal Tissue

The core of biomechanics is the influence of forces on biological organisms. The importance of the tight interplay between mechanical and biological factors in health and disease receives increasing scientific scrutiny. In a series of laboratory studies, we study the in vivo mechanosensitivity of involved tissues in humans with the ultimate goal of designing interventions—mechanical or pharmaceutical—that prevent or delay the onset of osteoarthritis or slow down its rate of progression. These projects are currently funded through the Swiss National Science Foundation and industry funds.


Prof. Dr. Annegret Mündermann

Dr. Corina Nüesch

Dr. Werner Vach

PD Dr. Geert Pagenstert

Dr. Christian Egloff



Dr. Anna-Maria Liphardt (University Hospital Erlangen, Germany)

PD Dr. Anja Niehoff (German Sports University Cologne, Germany)


Blood sampling

3D gait analysis


Dynamic unloading

Instrumented treadmill

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A complete list of our publications can be found on Pubmed.