Breath test for therapeutic management of epilepsy patients

Breathing test

Prof. Pablo Sinues developped breath test to determine correct treatment for epilepsy (Image : UKBB)

The team of prof. Pablo Sinues is working on a new method to replace classical blood tests with less invasive and faster breath tests to determine the effectiveness of a treatment in epilepsy patients.

The results of this research, which were recently published in Communication Medecin, a journal of the Nature portfolio, show that breath tests produce the same result as conventional blood tests. In addition to monitoring epilepsy treatment, this method provides information about the patient's metabolism that can be used to adjust therapy. This is particularly useful in the case of young patients whose metabolism changes as they grow and who therefore need to have their medication constantly adjusted. Breath tests that provide instantaneous results also allow the doctors to be more reactive and to adjust treatment quickly if necessary.

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