New GRID on the Block!


Well, it’s certainly not entirely new, but we have seen a lot of progress at the GRID since the last update! On 9 June interested DBE members met on Zoom and discussed about concerns and ideas for the new place. We talked about mailboxes, space for posters, old furniture, window blinds, a quiet area, switch from desktop to laptop computers, first aid kits and first aid representatives.

In the meantime, we have also started to collect ideas for the meeting rooms at the GRID and received very interesting and fun suggestions. To keep a certain consistency, we restict ourselves to either latin anatomical terms, Swiss mountains, or planets (no, Pluto is not a planet anymore and exoplanets are not permitted). All suggestions will be collected and eventually put to a vote. If you have ideas about latin body parts, mountains, and planets as names for rooms, please send them to Daniela.

To monitor the process and take part in the change management, check the (internal) DBE@GRID website: