1st Price SNC Nano Image Award 2020


Griffin Rodgers, Georg Schulz and Bert Müller are co-authors of an (accepted) publication in SMALL. Based on the unique µCT data, Jan Stephan Bolten from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Basel has produced an image, which won the first prize in the SNC Nano Image Award 2020. The cash contribution was sponsored by the Swiss MNT network. The impressive picture shows clustered superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles within a zebrafish embryo.

Meanwhile it is clear that the very same picture made it to the front page of SMALL, another great success for a great picture!

The original image caption is: “Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (SPIONs) with a mean size of 100 nm are clinically used as diagnostic agents. They serve as a contrast media when exposed to a magnetic field. Here, the tissue distribution of SPIONs was visualized after intravenous injection in a zebrafish embryo by synchrotron radiation-based X-ray tomography. Agglomerates of SPIONs sequestered by macrophages are shown in a caudal direction. We are thus seemingly placed within a blood vessel of a 2.5 mm sized zebrafish looking at the surrounding soft tissue and onto embedded macrophages.” 

The SMALL paper, the picture was made for, is currently in press: Shedding light on metal-based nanoparticles in zebrafish by computed tomography with micrometer resolution, by E. Cörek, G. Rodgers, S. Siegrist, T. Einfalt, P. Detampel, C. M. Schlepütz, S. Sieber, P. Fluder, G. Schulz, H. Unterweger, C. Alexiou, B. Müller, M. Puchkov, J. Huwyler.

The award ceremony was planned for the SNC2020 but later postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis. The conference and the award ceremony will now be held at the SNC 2021 at the Congress Center in Basel. Please find the original press release here. Learn more in this article of Unibas News.