Exhibition “Inside Motion. The Fourth Dimension of Medicine” at Pharmaziemuseum Basel, April 27 – June 1, 2019

Inside Motion. The Fourth Dimension of Medicine

The exhibition “Inside Motion. The Fourth Dimension of Medicine” invites visitors to change place with surgeons inside a virtual operation theatre and to learn about organ motion, real time tracking and new treatment measures.

Planning real operations in virtual space is a reality for surgeons today. In the special exhibition in the Pharmacy Museum of the University of Basel, the public can now also enter the modern space of medicine: "Moving insights. Medicine in the Fourth Dimension" invites visitors to get to know the latest technologies and developments and to immerse themselves inside the human body.
At the beginning of 2018, Basel University Hospital was the first Swiss hospital where surgeons could prepare real operations in virtual reality. The technology was developed by the team led by Prof. Dr. Philippe Cattin, Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering (DBE) at the University and University Hospital of Basel. Prof. Cattin is also the driving force behind the exhibition, which, against the historical backdrop of the Pharmacy Museum, makes it possible to experience the enormous speed at which the world of medicine is currently changing.


Touching and trying out

The DBE has always attached great importance to the mediation of research. "We have the great advantage that our research is not so abstract", says Prof. Cattin. "Well, I can explain to my mother what we do, and it was precisely this thought that motivated the exhibition: to present our years of research in an understandable way and in this way to give something back to the people who support us with their tax money. And of course we also want to inspire."

The exhibition is interactive: In seven stations, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of the human body using state-of-the-art imaging processes and technologies, experience the movement of organs and learn about important research results of the DBE: from the ultrasonic shower to virtual reality to augmented reality and three-dimensional films - touching and trying is expressly desired.


Encounter with researchers

The supporting programme of the exhibition offers a platform for further encounters: At three workshops, pupils have the opportunity to go through the exhibition with the researchers and try out the individual stations with them. Three evening lectures also provide an introduction to the worlds of the living interior of the human body and to the past, present and future of medical imaging.


Further information

Prof. Dr. Philippe C. Cattin, University of Basel, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tel. +41 61 207 54 00, e-mail: philippe.cattin@unibas.ch

Reinhard Wendler, Curator of the Special Exhibition, University of Basel, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tel. +41 78 766 70 99,e-mail: insidemotion-dbe@unibas.ch 

Corinne Eichenberger, Pharmacy Museum University of Basel, Tel. +41 61 207 4816, e-mail: Corinne.Eichenberger@unibas.ch


Various media such as SRF, Telebasel and BaZonline have reported about the exhibition.

The exhibition is organised by the Department of Biomedical Engineering in collaboration with the Pharmacy Museum of the University of Basel and the Institute for Experimental Design and Media Cultures of the University of Applied Sciences (FHNW). The project is funded by the Agora Programme of the Swiss National Science Foundation.