First-In-Man Clinical Use of the CARLO® Device from AOT at the University Hospital Basel


AOT AG Announces First-In-Man Clinical Use of the CARLO® Device at the University Hospital Basel, Performing the First Robotic Bone-Cut with a Laser Worldwide.

AOT is the first company worldwide to develop a surgical robotic platform to cut bone witha «cold»photoablation laser, leaving bone structures intact and vital, and thus pioneering the new field of «Laser-Osteotomy». It provides an approach to automatically and accurately perform osteotomies according to pre-planned cut linesvia itsdigital workflow.

The head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering (DBE) Prof. Cattin as well as the DBE researchers Prof. Zeilhofer and Prof. Jürgens are co-founders of the company AOT and its product called CARLO®. 

Please find more information within the attached press release of AOT.