SACD Research Day Award for Rosa Visscher, Morgan Sangeux, Elke Viehweger and team's Preliminary Research


Congratulations to Rosa Visscher, Morgan Sangeux, Elke Viehweger and team, who got awarded the first price for their Preliminary Results during the first Swiss Academy for Childhood Disability (SACD) Research Day.

The price which entails 1’800 CHF sponsored by the Anna Müller Grocholski foundation has been awarded for the promising results of the team towards evaluation of developmental trajectories in gait variability. This project, financed through the Ralf-Loddenkemper foundation, is a collaborative effort between the Orthopaedic department of the University Children’s Hospital Basel, the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Basel, and the Laboratory for Movement Biomechanics at the ETH Zurich.