Second DBE PhD Day Partly On-Site and in Person!

Group Picture

At the DBD, researchers and clinicians do not run into each other in the hallway as often as we would like. The exchange with clinicians, which is absolutely fundamental for the DBE, must therefore always be specifically organized. The DBE PhD Day is one of such measures to compensate for the physical distance to the hospitals. After the first DBE PhD Day in 2020, Covid-19 further exacerbated the problem, which is why the second one became even more important.

It consisted of two parts – an academic part for the entirety of the department, followed by a social part open only to the PhD students.

The academic part (9:00 – 16:00) was organized as a small virtual conference on the online platform Gather to provide a change from all the Zoom meetings in the past two years. This part included presentations by four DBE research groups, a keynote lecture, and poster presentations by DBE Master students, as well as a quiz for all attendees on the contents of the presentations.

The social part (17:30 – open end) could fortunately be organized in person on the DBE campus in Allschwil. It consisted of a barbecue and a social game, but mainly in seeing real faces of real people in the real world. May the picture of this event give you an idea, how inspiring it was.

The event has been organized by DBE’s PhD students Nair Nan von Mühlenen, Jiafa Zeng, Linda Buehl, and Cédric Duverney.