SNSF Grant for PD Andreas Mueller


The Swiss National Science Foundation is funding the research group for Facial and Cranial Anomalies of PD Dr. med. dent. Dr. phil. Andreas Mueller for a 4-year project called ‹Learning-based 3D Infant Face and Head Model for Medical Applications›.

The project will be conducted in cooperation with the Computer Graphics Laboratory of the ETH Zurich together with Prof. Dr. Markus Gross and Dr. Barbara Solenthaler. It aims to build high-quality models of the human infant face and head, learned from real datasets that derive from the medical treatment of infants. Such a model is urgently needed for various applications, such as pre-treatment diagnostics, treatment planning of normal form, digital patient documentation and qualitative assessment of treatments. Furthermore, in the future such a model would be invaluable for the training of young surgeons, especially in the field of congenital malformations and rare disease.