Two papers by ThINk Basel/RC2NB in ‹Brain›

Brain Journal of Neurology

Prof. C. Granziera and Prof. L. Kappos (Translational Imaging in Neurology (ThINk)/Research Center for Clinical Neuroimmunology and Neuroscience Basel (RC2NB)) have published two papers at once in ‹Brain›, a prestigious high-impact journal in clinical neurology and neuroscience.

The first is one a comprehensive review about “Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging towards clinical application in multiple sclerosis”, summarizing current evidence about the clinical implications of the main quantitative techniques and future perspectives which was prepared based on a workshop of the MAGNIMS group organized in Basel by Cristina Granziera, Jens Würfel and Ludwig Kappos in December 2019.

The second one - an original research paper with first author Dr Reza Rahmanzadeh, PhD student at ThINk Basel - is entitled “Myelin and axon pathology in multiple sclerosis assessed by myelin water and multi-shell diffusion imaging”. This works shows for the first time that myelin and axon pathology - as assessed with advanced neuroimaging in vivo in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients - follows different patterns in lesions and normal-appearing tissue and that the damage of myelin and axons depicted by these techniques in MS lesions is related to patient’s disability and to neurofilament light chain, a global measure of neuroaxonal damage.