About me

Yakub Aqib Bayhaqi is a Ph.D student in Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Basel. He studied B.Sc in Medical Physics at Universitas Indonesia and certified as Medical Radiation Safety Complience Tester by The National Atomic Energy Agency of Indonesia. He got involved at the annual Indonesia National Radiation Safety Commision poject for three years. He also worked as researh assistant at the Medical Physics and Biophysics Laboratory, University of Indonesia, focusing in radiation therapy dosimetry, simulation, and radiographical image processing. Afterward, He studied Master program in Computer Science at the Universitas Indonesia focused in High Performance Computing for radiation therapy dosimatry and simulation. Some of his experiences are in radiotherapy image registration and fusion, parallel monte carlo radiation simulation, and medical x-ray image pattern recognition. Finally, he joined Biomedical Laser and Optics Group as a computer scientist emphasizing image processing and recognition. He also responsible in optimizing the data processing speed to ensure a fast feedback delivery for smart laser surgery.