Smart Implants (2016-2020)

The Smart Implants group focuses on developing novel and minimal-invasive implant and device technologies. In this respect the group developed and patented an innovative minimal-invasive modular implant system. In contrast to existing bulky craniofacial implants this new technology will allow new minimal-invasive surgical approaches with less soft tissue trauma. The implant/osteosynthesis system consists of a plurality of customized implants that can be easily connected to each other, forming a pre-planned and customized implant or bone plate arrangement. The design and shape of the customized implant or bone plate arrangement is individually defined by 3D software planning based on preoperative imaging.

To refine and improve the novel implant system the Smart Implants Group also developed and patented several associated technologies like smart cutting devices, connection technologies, surface modifications and navigation tools for an advanced and simple implant placement. All these technologies are currently in the development phase together will multiple national and international academic and industrial partners. With them the Smart Implants Group formed a strong collaboration via different third party funding strategies.

Two new companies (Ad Mirables AG, Di Meliora AG) could be successfully founded in 2017.

Ad Mirabiles
(ISO 13485 certified) could already insert 72  PEEK-Implants in humans (January 2019).
Ad Mirabiles brings the ideas, that have been developed in research of the smart implants group to the market. In collaboration with surgeons the ideas will be optimized and implemented according to market needs.

Di Meliora
Di Meliora AG is a Swiss start-up founded in 2017. The aim is to provide dental professionals premium quality and affordable solutions in the field of implant dentistry along with simplicity. The brand Botticelli will be available on the markt in 2019.


Prof Dr Hans-Florian Zeilhofer
Head of Smart Implants
Gewerbestrasse 14
4123 Allschwil