About us

The Department of Biomedical Engineering contributes to a better future in meeting health care needs by innovative biomedical research and engineering solutions and to translate basic science and engineering into medical knowledge and healthcare innovations. We activate potential by offering unique possibilities and career opportunities for Master students, PhD students and researchers on all levels. Connecting people, ideas, technologies, and disciplines, is what we do

The DBE is a joint venture of the University of Basel, the University Hospital Basel and the University Children’s Hospital Basel and is associated with researchers of the University Center for Dental Medicine Basel. The department has currently almost 130 members working in four focal areas. A Master of Science program and a PhD program aim to contribute to an enriching environment in the field of biomedical engineering. Moreover, the department is place of origin for a number of award winning medtech spin-offs. Two good examples of our translational work can be found in the new annual report of the University Hospital Basel, one on the use of Virtual Reality, and one on Laser Bone Surgery.

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