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DBE User Guide

Here you find a quickstart version of the DBE User Guide. For a more detailed version please click here [under construction]. A ton of useful information can also be found on the intranet of the University of Basel

General directions

What’s where?

Who to ask?

For all questions related to access please turn to Hannah Heissler.

Who gets a Unicard? In principle, only employees of the University of Basel are entitled to the Unicard. The Unicard is also associated with university benefits, which are only intended for employees and enrollees of Uni Basel.

External employees can apply for a personal Unicard if they need it for regular access to the DBE building (GRID). Regular access must be proven, therefore the UNIcard will only be issued after a "clarification period" in which regular attendance at the DBE is confirmed. For external lecturers at the DBE, only persons who also appear in the course catalog receive a personal Unicard.

Visitor cards are available for occasional attendance. Research groups at the hospitals receive one or two visitor cards on request, which they administer themselves. These are also to be used in the "clarification period".

A personal Unicard can be applied for via meDme and will be activated after a positive clarification by the GF of the DBE.


Check the intranet for questions concerning servers, clouds, gitlab and similar topics.

For general questions concering safety get in contact with Beat Göpfert.

For questions related to hazardous materials get in contact with Olivier Braissant


Questions regarding mail, trash, preparations for larger events that include door opening and other building-related aspects, please get in contact with:, phone: +41 79 258 74 72