Mouse brain

Prof. Bert Müller (BMC) belongs to a Sinergia consortium to study cerebrospinal fluid dynamics

The research team of Prof. Bert Müller, together with Prof. Britta Engelhardt and Dr. Steven Proulx from University of Bern and Prof. Vartan Kurtcuoglu from University of Zurich, has initiated investigations on the role of cerebrospinal…

Annual Meeting of the DACH section of IFToMM held at the DBE

On 16 and 17 March, the first major symposium took place in the new premises of the DBE. Under the leadership and patronage of Prof. Georg Rauter, 40 people met for the annual meeting of the German-speaking countries of the International…

Interview with Prof. Georg Rauter

In an interview with Angelika Jacobs, Georg Rauter outlines the constraints of an ideal surgical robot and the growing significance of Basel for translational medical robotics research.

Mer wynsche Euch e scheeni Fasnacht! (We wish you a great carnival!)

Can a surgical robot play the drums? See the video to find out!

University of Basel and FHNW launch joint Master in Biomedical Engineering

The Joint Degree Master in Biomedical Engineering will be offered by the two universities for the first time in the fall semester of 2023. Classes are taught in English; registration is possible until the end of April.

Next Stop: Superhuman Precision

With the increasing use of smart tools in the OR, operations are currently becoming much more precise. Laser technology is likely to become one of the most important of these new tools, because lasers can not only cut and ablate tissue, but…

Robert Bing Prize to Cristina Granziera, Mira Katan Kahles and Johannes Gräff!

The Robert Bing Prize 2022 goes to three remarkable clinical and experimental neuro- scientists: Cristina Granziera and Mira Katan Kahles, Professors of Neurology at the University Hospital in Basel, are each distinguished for their work on…

The DBE has moved to Hegenheimermattweg

The DBE has moved. After years of meticulous planning, the move succeeded without major problems. Our beautiful new home was built by Herzog & de Meuron. It brings the different teams and groups at the DBE closer together, but also the DBE…

Prof. Bert Müller elected Vice President and Secretary of SSBE!

On 29 November, Prof. Bert Müller has been elected as Vice President and Secretary of Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering. He will organize the 2023 SSBE Annual Meeting in early September, date to be communicated.
DBE’s Neha Sharma

Dirk Schäfer Science Award 2022 for Neha Sharma!

Dr. Neha Sharma from Swiss MAM Research Group has won this year’s Dirk Schäfer Science Award of the Department of Surgery.

SNSF R’Equip Grant for CADENCE

The SNSF granted 874’478 CHF matching funds towards the purchase of technical equipment for the new Clinical Biomechanics and Ergonomics Engineering (CADENCE) laboratory located at the new site of the DBE at Switzerland Innovation Park…
DBE Facial & Cranial Anomalies Research

Good News for Children Suffering From Cleft Lip and Palate, Worldwide!

PD Dr. Andreas Mueller and his team made a first giant leap towards allowing worldwide pre-surgical cleft lip and palate treatment by access to an orthopaedic plate, possible through to digitalisation, automation and decentralised 3D…

Florian Thieringer Elected Member of MGA Executive Board

Last week, Mobility Goes Additive e.V. (MGA) has elected Thieringer as member of the Executive Board. MGA is located in Berlin and unites over 120 players from all areas of the market to jointly boost Additive Manufacturing with a…
Prof Thieringer on Telebasel

MIRACLE II on Telebasel and SRF Radio

More coverage of the brand new MIRACLE II project, this time on SRF Radio and Telebasel. SRF reports about the project as wa whole, while Telebasel focuses on 3D Printing. Prof. Florian Thieringer explains his part of the endeavor: 3D…

Prof. Bert Müller Board Member of Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering

On the BMT 2022 – Joint Annual Conference of the Austrian, German and Swiss Societies for Biomedical Engineering, Prof. Bert Müller was elected as Board member of the Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering (SSBE). The society promotes…
Prof. Thieringer

It’s Official: Professor Florian Thieringer!

The University Council has elected Prof. Dr. Dr. Florian M. Thieringer as Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (MKG Surgery) at the Faculty of Medicine. He will take up his position on October 1, 2022.
Melanie Bauer

PhD thesis award for Dr. sc. med. Melanie Bauer

Melanie Bauer from the Forensic Medicine and Imaging research group has received the PhD thesis award from the German Society of Forensic Medicine (DGRM).

MIRACLE II in Basler Zeitung and Südwestrundfunk

As a result of the media event of the MIRACLE II Project, Basler Zeitung has dedicated a major article to the project, which is announced on the front page. And the German Südwestrundfunk (SWR) has published a radio production on the…

This was the 8th DBE Research Day

Over 200 visitors, 11 talks, four translational science slam tandem presentations, four film screenings—and a ton of mutual inspiration.

2022 SPIE Biophotonics Technology Innovator Award for Bert Müller!

Prof. Dr. Bert Müller from BMC has received the SPIE Biophotonics Technology Innovator Award. It recognizes extraordinary achievements in biophotonics technology development that show strong promise or potential impact in biology, medicine,…