A special set of skills and a new mindset is needed to bridge the gap between medicine and engineering. The University of Basel, together with the University Hospital and University Children’s Hospital decided to develop such skills and mindset together with aspiring researchers and students, and thus they created the DBE. It’s mission is to explore the and unleash the immense innovative potential and the unforseeable benefits for patients of such an interdisciplinary endeavor.

Biomedical engineers are specialists in the translation of basic engineering research and development into clinical application and medical products. If you want to gdet in board, check the education page for our Master’s and PhD programs. Below you find a list of open Master’s Theses that might catch your attention. If you have your own ideas, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the research group leader you think fits best.

Open Master’s Theses

This is a list of potential Master’s Theses projects. In case you are interested in one of them please get in contact with the respective supervisors. Should you have a related idea that you would like to pitch, please don not hesitate to contact one of the supervisors as well.


The documents related to careers are available here