It is so much easier to call yourself innovative than to be. The path from idea to clinical application and successful product is long and rocky. And very different kinds of specialist are needed at the various stages. So we are not boasting about our innovativeness here, but merely making it clear that we are aware of the magnitude of the challenge.

And then we can also report on some achievements: Due to the beneficiary dialogue of basic research and medical application, the researchers of the department have a successful history of developed patents and also the spin-out of companies. Furthermore, all research groups foster a great number of collaborations with other research institutions and industrial partners. 

Researchers at DBE are eager to collaborate with clinicians and encourage those who are dissatisfied with their workflows or see potential for technical improvement in their treatments. If you are one of these, feel inspired to contact one of our group leaders. Please know, that your problems are our bread and butter and do not hesitate to contact us even with a crazy sounding idea.