Competence Cluster Medical Imaging

Images are among the most important media in medicine. They allow for the most precise diagnosis of injuries and diseases, progonsis, planning, monitoring, patient consenting, teaching and education, simulation, development of biomaterials etc. Under the influence of artifical intelligence, this field is currently evolving rapidly, opening up large numbers of known and unknown new opportunities. Therefore, this comptence cluster is the largest at the DBE. The research groups within this field are: Acoustic and Vestibular Research Group, Basel Muscle MRI, the Bilateral Neurocircuitry Lab, Digital Dermatology, the Center for medical Image Analysis and NavigationMagnetic Resonance Physics and Methodology, the Medical Imaging Research Group, and Translational Imaging in Neurology ThINk.

Due to related projects, more research groups are to be listed here as well: The Biomaterials Science Center, Computational Physiology and BiostatisticsForensic Medicine and Imaging Research Group, the Institute of Forensic MedicineNeurosurgery, and Translational Medicine Breath Research