Once their work is finished, Master- and PhD-students are asked to hand in extra factsteets for the annual report.
In this case please use the specific template here  and observe the following rules:

  • To see how the result must look like, Please here check the latest Annual Report.
  • Please return a word-file – not a pdf – in case we need to make corrections.
  • The lead must be: [Master/PhD] Thesis by [Name Surname] [University] at [Group]. Example: Master Thesis by Manuel Model (Department of Fantasy Science, Universität Basel) at Favourite-Lab.
  • Funding: Logo of funding organisation, e.g. University of Basel or SNSF or your foundation
  • Supervision: 3 lines per person: Name of supervisor (e.g. Susan Superwoman, next block Sean Superman), the supervisors e-mail, his/her group.

The general factsheet templatecan be downloaded here.