Department Executive Board

The DBE Executive Board advises, plans and decides under the chairmanship of the Department Head about strategic affairs in teaching and research. It establishes commissions for individual tasks, if necessary. Currently there are three commissions: Teaching commission, PhD program commission, Room commission. The Board consists of five members who come from all three founding institutions. 

Prof. Dr. Philippe Cattin

Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering
Head of the Center for medical Image Analysis and Navigation
University of Basel

Prof. Dr Cristina Granziera

Head of Translational Imaging in Neurology
University Hospital Basel

Prof. Dr. Raphael Guzman

Chief Neurosurgery
University Hospital Basel

Prof. Dr Eva Scheurer

Head of the Institute of Forensic Medicine Basel
University of Basel

Prof. Dr. Pablo Sinues

Research Professorship Fondation Botnar
Children's University Hospital of Basel