High Resolution X-Ray imaging

Time: 12:30 - 14:00

DBE - University of Basel
Gewerbestrasse 14
4123 Allschwil
Room 14.03.002


10 Mar 2016Tomography with scattered x-radiationStuart R. Stock
17 Mar 2016X-ray phase contrast imaging of respiratory dynamicsKaye Morgan
31 Mar 2016Development of X-ray phase imaging for biomedical applicationsAtsushi Momose
7 Apr 2016

1) MORPHEME team work in computational biology

2) Brain vascular network segmentation fomr X-ray micro-tomography

Xavier Descombes
14 Apr 2016X-ray ptychography and related imaging methodsPierre Thibauld
21 Apr 2016Insights into the outstanding performance of biological and bioinspired materials by X-ray micro- and nanobeam diffractionOskar Paris
28 Apr 2016Multi-modal image analysis with application to cancerJulia Schnabel
12 May 2016Imaging biological cells with X-rays - approching high-resolution via reciprocal spaceSarah Köster
19 May 2016High-resolution 2D and 3D Imaging of bonePhilipp Thurner
2 Jun 2016Exam