Advanced robotics and optical technologies for medical applications

Time: Tuesday, 14:00 - 15:30

DBE - University of Basel
Gewerbestrasse 14
4123 Allschwil
Room 14.03.002



26 Sept 2017

“Multi-modal Endomicroscopy for Optical Biopsy"

Dr. Caglar Ataman

3 Oct 2017

“Accelerating biological discovery and medical diagnosis with multi-spectral optoacoustic tomography"

Prof. Daniel Razansky

10 Oct 2017

"New Mechanism and Interface design in Surgical Robotics for further dextrous and intuitive surgery"

Prof. Jumpei Arata

24 Oct 2017

"Surgical Robotics 4.0"Prof. Tamas Haidegger

31 Oct 2017

“Overview of the da Vinci research kit (DVRK) and implementation” (Dr. Yeongmi Kim)
"Using Haptic Augmentation in Surgical Training Systems" (Prof. Matthias Harders)
Dr. Yeongmi Kim & Matthias Harders

7 Nov 2017

“Pulsed laser tissue ablation - mechanisms and optimization strategies for precision and efficacy”

Prof. Alfred Vogel

14 Nov 2017

"Engineering the flow of viscous liquids to realize nanostructured optical metasurfaces and multi-material fibers"

Prof. Fabien Sorin

21 Nov 2017

“Navigation in Medical Applications"

Prof. Wolfgang Schade

28 Nov 2017

“Robotics in Medical Applications"

Prof. Elena De Momi

5 Dec 2017

“Raman spectroscopy for medical applications”

Prof. Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu

12 Dec 2017

"Robotics in Medical Applications"Prof. Olivier Lambercy