Summer school 2018: More than just surgery: laser, robots, intuitive navigation, and smart implant technologies

3.6.2018 (evening) - 8.6.2018 (morning)

Scientific Organizers: Georg Rauter, Philippe Cattin, Azhar Zam


The Summer School 2018 has taken place in the beautiful heart of Switzerland in Engelbert:

Zschokke-Haus, Gerschnialp, 6390 Engelberg


All students have been welcome. Priority and full-board and lodging has been availabe to students from the PhD program in Biomedical Engineering.


Free for students enrolled in the PhD program of Biomedical Engineering. For all other students: Lodging and full-board for 5 days in the Zschokke-Haus is 315 CHF.

Credit Points:

The Summer School 2018 provided 2 ECTS.


We are presented the following outstanding speakers, who are leading scholars in their fields, at the Summer School:

  • Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Merlet (INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France)
  • Prof. Steven Jacques (Tufts University, USA)
  • Prof. PD Dr. Thomas Haslwanter (University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria, Austria)
  • Prof. Sarthak Misra (University of Twente / University of Groningen, Netherlands)


  • Poster: Every student to had bring a poster to the summerschool. 
  • Speed Talk: Every student had to give a 10-min speed talk (5 slides) focusing on the key question(s) /challenges or problem of the PhD project; we strongly recommended to practice the speed talk to stay in time. 
  • Pre-read: For the lecture of Prof. Haslwanter we asked the participants to read through the chapter Kinematics that has been circulated per mail. Important: Please respect copyrights and do not share further.
  • Pre-read: For the Monte Carlo Simulation tutorial by Prof. Jacques participants had to make themselves familiar with the content of the link:
  • Computer with appropriate Software: Participants had to have Matlab, Maple and Python ( installed on their computers.