Exam Regulations


Students are automatically enrolled in the exam when they are enrolled in the course.

The lecture exam is carried out by the lecturers responsible for the course in accordance with the principle pass / fail or with grade 1 - 6 (6 = highest grade, 4 = passed, below 4 = failed).

In case of a failed exam, the exam may be repeated once; the best attempt counts. Non-appearance for a repetition exam is considered as the student withdraws the repetition and is rated as "nicht erschienen = failed". In case of withdrawal or insufficient repetition of the exam, the course must be repeated or another course must be selected.



Postponement & Absences

A written request for the postponement of examinations can be submitted to the Study Coordinator Biomedical Engineering (master-dbe@unibas.ch)until 2 weeks before the examination date. The request must be substantiated. In case of an oral exam the exam postponement form must be filled in and returned at least 2 weeks prior the new exam date and original exam date.

In the event of illness, the medical certificate must be sent to the Study Coordinator Biomedical Engineering (master-dbe@unibas.ch) no later than 5 days after the respective examination or submission date. If a candidate does not attend an examination without announcement or without a reason for obstruction or abandonment, or if he / she does not continue with a started examination, the examination will be deemed failed and will be assessed as "nicht erschienen".