Procedure for Master Thesis in Biomedical Engineering

The students can select a project from ADAM workspace (List Master Thesis) or contact potential Master Thesis supervisors directly.

Before the start of the Master Thesis, a Master Thesis study contract (please download form) signed by the student and primary supervisor needs to be handed in to the study secretariat ( Important: The student can only start a master thesis when all the mandatory courses are passed and at least 54 CP are accomplished. 

Six month after the start of the Master Thesis project the student needs to hand in/send a printed copy of the Master Thesis to the study secretariat ( and a signed application form (please download respective form) for the Master Thesis examination. This form needs to contain detailed information of the exam such as the date, the location and the signature of the primary supervisor and the name and signature of the second expert. The Master Thesis exam needs to happen latest 6 weeks after submission of the thesis.

Latest 6 weeks after the submission of the thesis the primary supervisor needs to grade the Master Thesis.

The Master's degree final grade is calculated as the credit points weighted average of all graded academic achievements of the modules, the grade of the Master's thesis and the grade of the Master's examination