Procedure for the Master Thesis and Master Examination

The students can select a project from ADAM workspace (List Master Thesis) or contact a potential master thesis supervisor directly.

Before the start of the master thesis, a master's thesis study contract signed by the student and primary supervisor needs to be handed in to the study secretariat (

Important: The student can only start a master thesis when all the mandatory courses are passed and at least 54 CP are accomplished. 

6 months after the start of the master's thesis project the student needs to hand in/send an electronic copy of the master thesis. The first page needs to include all the elements as show in the title page file. Within the beginning of your master’s thesis a signed statement on your scientific integrity needs to be included. An electronic copy of the master's thesis (MA) as a pdf file shall be sent to all relevant persons (i.e. supervisor(s), collaborators) including one copy via to the address The master's thesis file name needs to include your name and the year of submission i.e. firstname_lastname_2020_MA.pdf. A confirmation of receipt will be sent within a few days. 

The master thesis will be evaluated by the supervisor and/or the supervising lecturer using the master's thesis evaluation form

Latest within 6 weeks after the end of the master's thesis project the student needs to organize the final master examination. Latest 3 weeks prior the final master examination the students need to hand in a signed application form for the master examination to the study secretariat ( This form contains detailed information of the exam such as the date, the location and the signatures of the examiners (supervisor and the name and the second expert). The master examination lasts 45 min; the students prepares a 20 minutes presentation, followed by 25 minutes for discussion and questions.

The master's examination will be evaluated by 2 examiners (MD or PhD required): 1 examiner has to be the supervisor or supervising lecturer; at least 1 lecturer of the Master in Biomedical Engineering needs to be present. The master's examination will be evaluated by both examiners using the master's examination evaluation form.