Master's Thesis Prize

The Master's Thesis prize is awarded annualy during the DBE Research Day and is kindly given by the Zäslin Teaching Grant. The Master's Thesis are nominated from the supervisors by the criteria :

• Originality  

• Quality  

• Impact  

• Student independence  


Master’s Thesis Prize Review Board:

Prof. Pablo Sinues, Prof. Cristina Granziera, Prof. Najat Salameh, Prof. Eva Scheurer, Prof. Niklaus Friederich, Julia Wolleb


Master's Thesis Prize 2021

Master's Thesis Prize Winner 2021

In 2021 Celine Berger receives the Best Master's Thesis Prize on her research project: Post Mortem Temperature and its Effect on Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging, under the supervision by Dr. Claudia Lenz, performed in the Research Group Forensic Medicine & Imaging at the Institute of Forensic Medicine.


Exclusively in 2021, all nominated candidates received a prize:

Carina Luchsinger, Lucas Wey and Aleksandra Ivanovic