Master Program Coordination

The main responsibility of the master program coordinator is to implement the regulations that are set in study regulation and to execute the discussed strategy.

These tasks include:
• To plan and organize the courses and exams (i.e. timetable, location, etc.).
• To support and guide the matriculated and interested students in all aspects of their current or prospective study in coordination with respective lecturers.
• To maintain up-to-date online platforms meant for information exchange (i.e. website, ADAM, BeAxi and EvaSys).

The master program coordinator meets weekly with the head of the Teaching Committee to discuss all open questions. In case of urgency, decisions are discussed and taken by the entire Teaching Committee via e-mail.


Dr. Gabriela Oser

Room 14.03.010
Gewerbestrasse 14
4123 Allschwil

Tel: +41 61 207 54 05

Office hours: Monday, Wednesday; Tuesday & Thursday in the morning only