The Department of Biomedical Engineering (DBE) bridges the gap between natural science and medicine in order to improve procedures and technologies for medical treatment. Our goal is to provide tools for patient specific research and science based treatment. The DBE is a joint venture of the University of Basel, the University Hospital Basel and the University Children’s Hospital Basel and is associated with researchers of the University Center for Dental Medicine Basel. The department has currently almost 130 members working in four focal areas. A Master of Science program and a PhD program aim to contribute to an enriching environment in the field of biomedical engineering. Moreover, the department is place of origin for a number of award winning medtech spin-offs

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Bieri Oliver, Prof DrMagnetic Resonance Physics and Methodology
Brunner Reinald G. H. , Prof Dr.Biomechanics and Calorimetry
Cattin Philippe, Prof DrCenter for medical Image Analysis & Navigation
Delgado-Eckert Edgar DrComputational Physiology & Biostatistics
Granziera Cristina, Prof DrTranslational Imaging in Neurology
Hasler Carol-Claudius, Prof DrComputational Spine Biomechanics
Jakob Marcel, Prof DrMusculo-skeletal Research
Leung Vanessa, DrHuman Optics Lab
Madduri Srinivas, DrCenter for Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine
Martin Ivan, Prof DrTechnologies for Tissue Engineering
Merkle Elmar, Prof DrMedical Imaging Research Group
Mündermann Annegret, Prof DrFunctional Biomechanics
Müller Bert, Prof DrBiomaterials Science Center
Navarini, Alexander Prof DrDermatology
Rauter Georg, Prof DrBio-Inspired Robots for Medicine-Lab
Salameh Najat, Prof DrAdaptable MRI Technology
Schären, Stefan, Prof DrSpine Surgery & Research
Scheurer Eva, Prof DrInstitute of Forensic Medicine
Sinues Pablo, Prof DrTranslational Medicine Breath Research
Verna Carlalberta, Prof DrOrthodontic Research Group
Waltimo Tuomas, Prof DrOral Biofilm Research
Würfel Jens, DrQuantitative Bioimaging Group 
Zam Azhar, Prof DrBiomedical Laser and Optics Group
Zeilhofer Hans-Florian, Prof DrHightech Research Center HFZ