2nd DBE@GRID Townhall Meeting


On Thursday 18 August Townhall Meeting No 2 on the move to the GRID was held on Zoom. Philippe, Daniela, Sara, and Reinhard informed about furniture, shared desk policy, lounge activities, conference room names and group research pictures. Concerns and ideas were discussed.

A runoff vote was held on the type of names of our conference rooms. Swiss mountains won over latin body parts with 72% of the votes. So, our conference rooms will be called Matterhorn, Eiger etc., not caput, oculus, etc.

We discussed the idea of having aesthetically appealing, „artistic“, cover-like pictures of research content (ct-images, nanotom scans, 3D-models, stuff like that) hanging amidst the research posters on the long walkway. The idea was found to be good. Further information and some examples will be sent to you after the research day. And we discussed bike space and locations of lockers, which turned out to be well planned and sufficiently large.

The general impression was that we are well on the way. Still, all members of the DBE are kindly asked to communicate any concerns and ideas to the admin team.