Christian Toggenburger Award for Studer, Büchler, Hasler, Rauter


Daniel Studer (DBE/UKBB), Philippe Büchler (University of Berne), Carol Claudius Hasler, and Georg Rauter were rewarded with the Christian Toggenburger Award for the development of the SpineBot 2.0. project.

The SpineBot is a programmable robotic device that performs intraoperative measurements of segmental stiffness of the spine in children with idiopathic scoliosis. Producing in vivo data from young patients with the corresponding pathology, it will contribute to the goal of fusionless correction of spinal deformities in the future. 
The award supports the project with 100.000 to develop SpineBot 2.0, a new and better version of the device and perform a feasibility study of its intraoperative use. The detailed, reproducible, and accurate data about the multi-axial load–displacement behavior of the functional spinal unit provided be the new device will be used to improve intraoperative decision-making and develop new therapeutic strategies and implants.

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