Good News for Children Suffering From Cleft Lip and Palate, Worldwide!

DBE Facial & Cranial Anomalies Research

PD Dr. Andreas Mueller and his team made a first giant leap towards allowing worldwide pre-surgical cleft lip and palate treatment by access to an orthopaedic plate, possible through to digitalisation, automation and decentralised 3D printing. This collaborative project of University of Basel (DBE/University Hospital Basel) and ETH Zurich is funded by Botnar Research Center for Child Health.

Read on in our special feature on this exciting new dimension of making life easier for children suffering from cleft lip and palate. And you can even become part of this noble effort by a donation:

  • Reference:                 FO148000, research group account FCA Mueller;
  • Bank Name:               UBS AG, Aeschenplatz 6, 4052 Basel
  • BLZ:                            233
  • SWIFT:                       UBSWCHZH80A
  • Konto                          0233-622614.03E
  • IBAN                           CH83 0023 3233 6226 1403 E

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