Grant: ‹Stop Tip-Toeing Around Toe-Walking›

SNSF Grant

Prof. Viehweger of UKBB, Prof. Cattin and Prof. Brunner have successfully applied for funding at the SNSF. Their project ‹Stop Tip-Toeing Around Toe-Walking› will be supported by around 430.000 CHF over a period of three years.

The project aims for a better understanding of the interplay among the mechanisms that underpin toe-walking adaptation in children with cerebral palsy. To do so, the researchers will address the effect of psychological factors (via the use of a custom-designed virtual reality environment) on static vs. dynamic stability, motor control and coordination (indirect assessment of central nervous system function), as well as reflex control (Hoffmann-reflex, H-reflex, performance of peripheral nervous system). They will also investigate the effects of the current treatment of restoring heel striking in toe-walkers.

By better understanding the interplay between nervous-, musculoskeletal-, and psychological factors that might predispose individuals to toe-walking, the team aims to provide the basis for novel treatment strategies in the future.

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