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HORIZON Grant to Dr. Valentina Basoli and Swiss MAM


Congratulations to Dr. Valentina Basoli and the consortium partners, including Prof. Fabiana Arduini (Italy), Prof. Javier Ramon (Spain), Prof. Goran Stojavovic (Serbia), and Prof. Kersti Hermansson(Sweden), along with startup company Sens4Med (Italy), for securing the HORIZON European (EIC) Pathfinder Open Grant project. The project aims to develop a revolutionary category of Organ-on-a-Chip (OoC) technologies, leveraging paper, cell growth, mathematical modeling, and biosensors.

In the PHOENIX-OoC Project, the Swiss MAM group at the Department of Biomedical Engineering with a collaboration with Department of Biomedicine will focus on creating a joint-on-chip model for drug screening in osteoarthritis. The Phoenix prototype will integrate biosensors for real-time monitoring of drug effects. This achievement is a significant advancement in research and technology. Kudos to the entire team!