Low-Field MRI is on the Rise!

AMT Center

The benefits of low-field MRI have been evident for decades, only the path to clinical application seemed to be blocked. This is currently changing with research powerfully striving for translation. The DBE is at the forefront of this development with the AMT Center and co-head Prof. Mathieu Sarracanie, who appears in two recent articles discussing the advantages of adaptable MRI systems.

Healthcare in Europe: https://healthcare-in-europe.com/de/news/niedrigfeld-mrt-wenn-weniger-mehr-ist.html 

AuntMinnieEurope: https://www.auntminnieeurope.com/index.aspx?sec=sup&sub=mri&pag=dis&ItemID=619961

AMT-Center: https://dbe.unibas.ch/en/research/imaging-modelling-diagnosis/adaptable-mri-technology/

The picture shows a Stegosaurus in a jar that is used for experimental imaging with an ultra-low field MR-scanner.