NCCR Robotics Grant for an Origami-Based Human-Robot Interface

NCCR Robotics

The NCCR Robotics has granted Prof. Georg Rauter of the DBE and Prof. Jamie Paik of EPFL about 200.000 SFR for the development of an "Origami-Based Human-Robot-Interface for Stabilizing Deployable Miniature Robots for Minimal-Invasive Laser Surgery’". Rauter will appear as coordinator of this project within the National Center for Competence in Research Robotics.

The project aims to enable semiautonomous minimal-invasive laser surgery by allowing a miniature robot to position, reposition (walk), and stabilize the laser with respect to the target tissue. This is supposed to be achieved by miniaturization of the (force-sensitive) deployable leg structures based on origami technology allowing to attach to bone for laser stabilization and miniature robot locomotion to expand the robot’s workspace.

NCCR Robotics: