When women rise: Jeannette A. von Jackowski in ‹sci five›

Jeanette A. von Jackowski

BMC researcher and Bottmedical AG co-founder Jeannette A. von Jackowski is interviewed in ‹sci five› magazine as part of portrait series that showcases some of the inspiring and multi-talented females currently active in the entrepreneurial field.

Von Jackowski talks about the founding of DBE spin-off Bottmedical AG, her inspiration for research and innovation, and special challenges for female entrepreneurs.

The interview: medium.com/sci-five-university-of-basel/female-entrepreneurs-in-basel-3-a93897a7c210
Bottmedical AG: www.bottmedical.ch
Biomaterials Science Center: dbe.unibas.ch/en/research/biomechanics-and-biomaterials/biomaterials-science-center/