Title Principal Researcher Status
Integrating the impact of genetic and environmental factors on trajectories of respiratory disease from birth to school ageFrey, Urs Peter;Latzin, Philipp Tobias Complete
Synergetic Development of Steady State Imaging Concepts and Registration Methods for In-Vivo Functional and Morphological Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Lung in Paediatric Pneumology Cattin, Philippe Claude Complete
Cognitive and socio-emotional development in early preterm children during middle and late childhood: A strategic and neuroimaging study Lemola, Sakari;Grob, Alexander;Weber, Peter Complete
Influence of tobacco exposure on heart rate variability Frey, Urs Peter Complete
IMI - EU Innovative Medicine Initiative IMI-BIOPRED:(Bio-Markers of Severe asthma) at University of Berne Frey, Urs Peter Complete
Impact of early environmental and genetic determinants on lung development from infancy to preschool age Frey, Urs Peter Complete
Breastfeeding and the risk of childhodd asthma: a population-based study. Frey, Urs Peter Complete
EFRAIM: Impact of exogenous factors in the development of allery Frey, Urs Peter Complete