DBE Research Day

The Department of Biomedical Engineering (DBE) bridges the gap between the natural sciences and medicine. Physicians, dentists, natural scientists, engineers and medtech industry partners cooperate, advancing medical technologies for the benefit of patients. Every year at the beginning of September, we organize our traditional DBE Research Day to illustrate this fantastic translational work. There, DBE members and their collaborators introduce their exciting scientific projects in presentations and during a poster session.

If you would like to learn more about the research conducted at the DBE, feel free to register to the annual DBE Research via our online registration portal.

8th DBE Research Day

The 8th DBE Research Day will take place on 30 August. The agenda is not finalized yet and will be uploaded here in the minute it is. But you can already register here.

7th DBE Research Day

In 2021 we installed a new format called ‹Translational Tandems›, which showcases ongoing joint projects with clinicians and at the same time the translational focus of the DBE. A video of these tandem presentations can be found below. Such tandems will be an integral part of all future DBE research days and will help to create more collaborative projects for the benefit of the patients. Please also see the pictures of the event taken by T. Schürch and R. Wendler.

DBE Research Day Archives

In this section you will find some memories and impressions of the previous DBE Research Days. This includes posters, detailes programs and pictures.