Urological Calorimetry

The exploration of isothermal microcalorimetry's potential within the realm of Urology is a collaborative endeavor with alta uro AG, Basel. Spearheading these projects is Prof. Gernot Bonkat, CEO of alta uro AG and Senior Medical Adviser of the Biological Calorimetry Lab, working closely with Dr. Braissant and his adept team.

With a partnership spanning more than 15 years, Olivier Braissant and Gernot Bonkat have cultivated their collaboration. This steadfast alliance started at the University Hospital Basel and now continues with Dr Bonkat's through Alta-Uro clinic. Braissant und Bonkat have contributed prolifically to scientific literature, publishing a remarkable 23 articles in esteemed journals over recent years.

Ongoing projects of the Biological Calorimetry Lab and alta uro encompass a diverse array of subjects, including swift drug susceptibility testing, exploration of challenging pathogens like Mycobacterium tuberculosisand Neisseria gonorrhoeae, urogenital tuberculosis, development of antimicrobial coatings for implant surfaces, and pioneering therapeutic avenues such as phages, distinct from conventional antimicrobials.

Furthermore, the Biological Calorimetry Lab and alta uro extend a unique opportunity to students, enabling them to delve into these captivating domains, grasp cutting-edge methodologies, and undertake master's and doctoral theses. The guidance and mentorship of Gernot Bonkat and Malte Rieken (alta uro AG), alongside members of the Biological Calorimetry Lab, empower students at both master's and doctoral levels. This holistic experience in the lab integrates medical training, endowing students with valuable insights. A glimpse into their accomplishments is showcased below.

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Grütter, A. E., Lafranca, T., Sigg, A. P., Mariotti, M., Bonkat, G., & Braissant, O. (2021). Detection and Drug Susceptibility Testing of Neisseria gonorrhoeae Using Isothermal Microcalorimetry. Microorganisms, 9(11), 2337.