The aim of the group is the three-dimensional visualization of soft and hard tissues with a spatial resolution down to the level of individual cells. Using X-rays from laboratory sources (Skyscan 1174, Bruker & nanotom m, GE Sensing &Inspection Technologies) or from synchrotron radiation facilities, hard tissues, e.g. bones, teeth, fossils or implant materials, are visualized by conventional absorption contrast mode. For soft tissues with low attenuation coefficient differences including brain tissues, kidneys and cancerous tissues phase contrast microtomography is used where a grating interferometer is currently being implemented in the labor X-ray system.

Keywords: X-ray microtomography, absorption contrast, phase contrast, grating interferometry, synchrotron radiation, polychromatic X-rays, musculoskeletal disorder, neurodegenerative disease, paleontology, implant materials