Lasers and Waveguides System for Smart Laserosteotome

The main challenges that will be addressed in this project are to find optimal conditions to cut bone with lasers and the integration of the laser into a small endoscope/fiberscope. This lasers system will help the surgeon to cut the bone and/or tissue precisely and efficiently. In this way, it will minimize damage to surrounding tissue that is being cut and provide faster healing process for the patient. To develop this laser, we will investigate what is the best way possible to cut with high precision and high cutting efficiency. We will investigate how the laser interact with bone and/or tissue and how to guide the high-power laser to the region of interest. We will design and build the lasers and waveguides system and integrate it into a small endoscope/fiberscope. (Lina Marcela Beltran Bernal) 

Ferda Canbaz

Dr. Ferda Canbaz

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