Optical Feedback System for Smart Laserosteotome

The main challenges in this project are to develop Optical based sensor that provide feedback during laser surgery. This feedback mechanism will help the surgeon to specifically determine the tissue that being cut and stop the laser when the all desired tissue have been removed. In this way, it will provide high specificity in laser cutting which can prevent cutting important and critical tissues. To develop this sensor, we will need to investigate the best way possible to measure properties of tissue that being cut by using Optical means. We will design and build the Optical system and integrate it into an endoscopic/fiberscopic laser surgery system. The method will be based on measuring the optical signals that are generated from laser ablation process and/or other light processes (eq. Raman, LIBS, etc.) which will be merely depend on tissue optical properties (eq. Absorption, Scattering, etc.). (Hamed Abbasi)


Arsham Hamidi

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Dr. Ferda Canbaz

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