Selected Publications & Patents

a. Selected Publications

Singh, K. D.; Vidal-de-Miguel, G.; Gaugg, M. T.; Ibáñez, A.; Zenobi, R.; Kohler, M.; Frey, U.; Sinues, P. M. L., Translating Secondary Electrospray Ionization–High Resolution Mass Spectrometry to the Clinical Environment. J. Breath Res.2018,12, 027113.

Tejero Rioseras, A.; Garcia Gomez, D.; Ebert, B. E.; Blank, L. M.; Ibanez, A. J.; Sinues, P. M. L.,Comprehensive Real-Time Analysis of the Yeast Volatilome. Sci. Rep. 2017,7(1), 14236.

Gaugg, M. T.; Engler, A.; Nussbaumer-Ochsner, Y.; Bregy, L.; Stoberl, A. S.; Gaisl, T.; Bruderer, T.; Zenobi, R.; Kohler, M.; Sinues, P. M. L., Metabolic effects of inhaled salbutamol determined by exhaled breath analysis. J. Breath Res. 2017,11(4), 046004. (This paper was chosen for the Selected as Journal Breath Research Highlights of 2017 collection. This selection of articles includes the best and most influential research published in JBR, representing cutting edge topics. The also received the highest praise from international referees and a high number of downloads during 2017.)

Rioseras, A. T.; Gaugg, M. T.; Sinues, P. M. L., Secondary electrospray ionization proceeds via gas-phase chemical ionization. Anal Methods-Uk 2017,9(34), 5052-5057. 

Barrios-Collado, C.; García-Gómez, D.; Zenobi, R.; Vidal-de-Miguel, G.; Ibáñez, A. J.; Martinez-Lozano Sinues, P., Real Time Read-Out of Plant Metabolism. CHIMIA Int. J. Chem. 2016,70, 660-660 (This paper has been chosen for as Highlight of Analytical Sciences by the Swiss Chemical Society.)

Gaugg, M. T.; Garcia Gomez, D.; Barrios Collado, C.; Vidal de Miguel, G.; Kohler, M.; Zenobi, R.; Martinez-Lozano Sinues, P., Expanding metabolite coverage of real-time breath analysis by coupling a universal secondary electrospray ionization source and high resolution mass spectrometry – a pilot study on tobacco smokers. J. Breath. Res. 2016, 10(1), 016010.

Barrios Collado, C.; Garcia Gomez, D.; Zenobi, R.; Vidal de Miguel, G.; Ibañez, A. J.; Martinez-Lozano Sinues, P., Capturing in vivo plant metabolism by real time analysis of low to high molecular weight volatiles. Anal. Chem. 2016,88(4), 2406-12.

Barrios-Collado, C.; Vidal-de-Miguel, G.; Martinez-Lozano Sinues, P., Numerical Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Universal Secondary Electrospray Ionization Source for Mass Spectrometric Gas Analysis in Real-Time. Sensors Actuators B: Chem. 2016,223, 217–225.

Ballabio, C.; Cristoni, S.; Puccio, G.; Kohler, M.; Sala, M. R.; Brambilla, P.; Martinez-Lozano Sinues, P. Rapid identification of bacteria in blood cultures by mass-spectrometric analysis of volatiles. J. Clin. Pathol. 2014,67, 743-746.

b. Patents

Martinez-Lozano Sinues, P.; Fernandezde la Mora, J., Method to analyze and classify persons and organisms based on odor patterns from released vapors, US 9,121,844 B1. 2015

Gomez Moreno, F. J.; Martinez-Lozano Sinues, P.; Martin Espigares, M., System to reduce the pressure drop in a differential mobility analyzer, US 8,071,940 B2. 2011