Irrigation System for Laser Osteotomy/Micro fluidic device for laser osteotomy

Laser cutting of hard tissue necessitates the introduction of fluid to the target area of the beam in the bone. The purpose of the fluid is not necessarily direct cooling of the target, more wetting it to avoid the carbonization of dry tissue.

We are developing innovative microfluidic devices that provide the necessary amount of fluid to the target area. The most prevalent solution for the problem is spraying the area with a liquid jet. This solution is not always effective, such as in deep cuts that exceed 15 mm.

We are developing innovative solutions for the irrigation problem. In addition to jets we are also examining other micro-fluidic wetting mechanisms for this problem.

Currently, the irrigation and osteotomy is done in air. We are interested in expanding the procedure also to fluid-filled volumes. In a liquid-filled environment, the challenge is to create in the target area a gas bubble that enables efficient cutting of the bone.

The micro-fluidic device will be developed using precision machining and new manufacturing techniques such as additive rapid prototyping (3D printing). The device will be examined experimentally and supporting analytical and numerical models will be developed for the analysis of its operation.

The development of such a device that incorporates micro-fluidics, laser energy and its interaction with bio-materials is a challenging task in the scientific are of multi-physics and flow control.


Prof. Dr. Georg Rauter

Prof. Dr. Georg Rauter