The group is headed by Pablo Sinues, who is Assistant Tenure Track Professor at DBE, funded by the Fondation Botnar. Our research activities have a strong emphasis on the concept of personalized medicine. Thus, our group contributes locally to the Personalized Health Basel - Infectiology cluster.This cluster aims to bridge the gaps between bench and bedside in infectious diseases by building on and developing multi-scale interdisciplinary approaches that will optimize and develop diagnostic assays and treatment of infectious diseases. Our local research cluster also strongly collaborates with the partner leading institutions in Zürich through the Personalized Health Alliance Zurich-Basel. In addition, because research findings need to be validated independently within other groups, we collaborate extensively with other laboratories using similar analytical techniques. For example, our group is part of the Research Network Zurich Exhalomics (see also here) which is a flagship project of the University Medicine Zurich (Hochschulmedizin Zürich). This is a partnership between ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich, the four university hospitals in Zurich, and us. It promotes collaboration in research and education at the interface between engineering, the sciences, clinical research and medical care.