Center for medical Image Analysis & Navigation

The Center for medical Image Analysis & Navigation (former Medical Image Analysis Center) at the Faculty of Medi­cine was established in late 2007 and made possible by the generous endowment from Dr. h.c. Hansjörg Wyss. Recently, the founded professor position was converted into a structural position as part of the Depart­ment of Biomedical Engineering.

The main areas of research of the group are image-guided therapy, medical image analysis, laser sur­gery, as well as augmented reality. One of the main research topics of the group is the modelling of breathing-induced organ motion. These models are widely used in cancelling the remaining motion in tumour therapy to reduce the collateral damage to neighbouring tissues. The developed models are currently being implemented in the proton beam facility at the PSI in Villigen and in a project with an industrial partner.

A further focal area of the group is Augmented Reality, in which new innovative concepts are de­veloped using off-the-shelf tablet computers for demanding surgical navigation tasks. Our latest de­velopment involves fusing the tab­let’s inertial sensor with optical feedback to further enhance and accelerate the navigation capabili­ties within a cost-effective frame­ work that operates close to the pa­tient.

Finally, the group also performs research on novel segmentation and image registration techniques with a strong focus on developing approaches that are mathemati­cally well-founded and at the same time have a concrete clin­ical application. Our latest achieve­ment in spinal cord segmentation, for example, is currently being employed in a clinical study.

The group is successfully attract­ing third-party funding from the SNF, CTI, various industrial partners and foundations, and is also spinning out its own companies to create a versatile, innovative organization on the inter­disciplinary boundaries between fundamental research and clinical applications in Basel.

Philippe Cattin

Prof Dr Philippe Cattin
Head of CIAN and DBE
Gewerbestrasse 14
4123 Allschwil